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Grimm: “Let Your Hair Down” Review

19 Dec

A case about a missing girl, Holly, is re-opened when some of her hair is found at a crime scene in the woods. All clues and the subtle episode title point to Rapunzel, and she sort of is. Technically, she’s a Blutbad who hasn’t had a haircut in nine years. She’s been living in the forest, and she killed someone (by strangling him with her hair!) only to protect innocent hikers. Nick spots her while taking evidence from the crime scene and turns to Monroe for assistance.

I liked seeing Nick’s reaction to seeing Holly for the first time. He actually looked taken aback. He’s been nonchalant about some of the other creatures, but I guess he has to be when he sees them in public. Still, he’s so new to the Grimm business he should be thoroughly freaked out by every creature he comes across. Not enough time has passed for it to be second nature, and he seems like the type who would have a reasonable adjustment period.

Nick uses Monroe as a crutch to navigate through this new world.



Harry Potter Comes To ‘SNL’

19 Dec

Daniel Radcliffe will cast his spell on “Saturday Night Live” for the first time on Jan. 14. The star of the “Harry Potter” films and the Broadway revival of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” will be joined by musical guest Lana Del Rey.

Radcliffe can next be seen in the supernatural flick “The Woman In Black.”

Before Radcliffe hits the stage, Charles Barkley will host the sketch show for the third time on Jan. 7. Kelly Clarkson will take the stage for the third time as musical guest.

Barkley hosted “SNL” during Seasons 35 and 19. For his Season 19 appearance Nirvana was the musical guest. Alicia Keys joined Barkley in Season 35.

Other Season 37 guest hosts include Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy , Jimmy Fallon and Katy Perry.


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Box Office Preview: ‘Sherlock’ set to solve slump (AP)

16 Dec

Box Office Preview: ‘Sherlock’ set to solve slump
Dec. 15, 2011 7:27 PM ET (AP)


After two sluggish weeks at the domestic box office, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” is on the case and ready to solve the recent slump with an expected gross of more than $ 65 million.

The Warner Bros. film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is the follow-up to 2009’s hugely successful “Sherlock Holmes,” which opened with $ 65.4 million and went on to earn over half a billion dollars worldwide.

Chipping away at second place with around $ 40 million will be the debut of Fox’s “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked,” the third installment of the popular family franchise that has made nearly $ 800 million globally.

IMAX will make a splash with preview showings of Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible _ Ghost Protocol” in 300 large format venues in advance of its wide release on Dec. 21. Add to that 125 engagements in selected traditional theaters, and total preview


Fear Factor Returns to Strong Ratings

13 Dec

Given just how troubling the ratings are across the board at NBC, the network has to be happy with the return of

Fear Factor last night. The reality series, off the air since 2006, returned with a 3.4 adults 18-49 (and over 8.5 million viewers), reports TVByTheNumbers , far better than the network has done on Mondays in quite a while – and, more notably, better than almost any NBC show does at all these days. (For a comparison, The Office had a 2.9 last week).

Granted, premieres tend to have inflated numbers and Fear Factor benefited from several shows – including House and How I Met Your Mother – not having new episodes this week. But we’ll see how the show, which is only scheduled to air for a few weeks until The Voice returns, holds up and whether it leads to NBC quickly ordering more episodes.

Meanwhile, FOX’s Terra Nova had a 2.1 with adults 18-49 (and 6.9 million viewers), which ties with the show’s lowest rating so far. Next week is the season finale,


Grimm Review: No Huffing and Puffing Here

10 Dec

Finally! The Grimm Gods have finally bestowed us with the Eddie centric “The Three Bad Wolves ”

It certainly wasn’t a disappointment either, shining a spotlight on Eddie’s character with very little need to deviate from the case of the week with unnecessary distractions. When the storytelling can layer this much in a procedural case, it gives me hope that the questions I’m asking will eventually get answered.

Think about how much was doled out in one episode: we’ve known Eddie was reformed, but we didn’t know why or the extent of self-control he uses everyday. Grimms were alluded to being more of a family, like the creatures Nick was fighting against. And, finally, it was only a matter of time until Nick’s job is at odds with his Grimm heritage.

For Eddie, it’s a constant struggle toting the line between reformation and regression. At what point is he potentially going to snap and let the beast within take over? Is it for love? Angelina certainly brought back


Grimm Online: Two Grimm Episodes This Week

9 Dec

Get ready for a new episode of Grimm today at 10PST/9c. It will be episode 5: Danse Macabre. Tomorrow, Grimm will return to it’s old schedule at 10pm Friday night. It will also be a new episode titled: The Three Bad Wolves. Remember to keep with the the episodes, but I’m sure many of you are already itching for new episodes since Grimm has been on a two week


Grimm Episodes Revealed

6 Dec

Here’s a list of episodes remaining for season 1 of Grimm.
Episode 7: Let Your Hair Down

Episode 8: Of Mouse and Man

Episode 9: Game Ogre

Episode 10: Organ Grinder

Episode 11: Tarantella

Episode 12: Last Grimm Standing

Episode 7 photos have already been released (you can check them out at our photo section) and it is pretty obvious that it will be based off of the fairy tale Rapunzel (“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”).

Episode 8’s title seems to be a play on Of Mice and Men, which is a famous Steinbeck novel. However Steinbeck’s title itself alludes to To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough, a poem written in 1785 by Robert Burns. You can read a copy of the poem here. With the reference to the poem and novel in mind, it seems that some plan or overall story of Grimm is set to have a twist and something is going to go wrong. That or it’s just a title referring to mice.

Episode 9’s title is most likely a play on Game