Our Favorite TV Origin Stories

4 Dec

Michael C. Hall , Tom Welling

On Sunday, Syfy will fly viewers back to Neverland with a two-night miniseries that explores how Peter Pan (Charlie Rowe ), Captain Hook (Rhys Ifans ), and Neverland itself came to be. Hollywood’s never been afraid to tell a good origin story — for better (Batman Begins, X-Men First Class) or worse (the three Star Wars prequels, Hannibal Rising) — and the trend is just as popular on the small screen. Behold, some of our favorite TV origin stories:

1. Clark Kent, Smallville
At 10 seasons long, this series about Superman’s upbringing among humans is perhaps the longest origin story ever. Following a strict “no tights, no flights” rule, the series began as exploration of a high school-aged Clark Kent who struggles to come to terms with his alien origins and superhuman abilities in Smallville, Kansas. Over the course of the show, pieces of the Superman mythology fell into place: Clark went to work at The Daily Planet, other DC Comics heroes and

Source: GrimmOnline.org


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