Star Wars: The Clone Wars – “Slaves of the Republic” Review

4 Dec

First off, let me mention that yep, I now know that this storyline is based on a Clone Wars comic book story from a few years back, which actually shared the same name as this episode – “Slaves of the Republic .” This is the first time The Clone Wars has adapted a story like this, which is interesting. However, I haven’t read that comic story, so if you’re looking for me to make a lot of comparisons, well… Sorry to disappoint!

What I can say is that I thought this was a very cool, intriguing episode. Anakin , Obi-Wan and Rex going undercover as Slavers, with Ahsoka as their slave, led to many tense and compelling situations for our characters – as they were in the belly of the beast, as it were.

There was plenty of dark material here, including that one slave who killed herself right in front of Anakin. And this was definitely a storyline where things aren’t easy for our heroes – just as Obi-Wan looked to be making an escape (on a rather fascinating dragon meets



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