Supernatural: “Death’s Door” Review

4 Dec

As a mid-season finale, “Death’s Door ” was not the usual action-packed mythology episode of Supernatural . Instead, we were given a glimpse inside Bobby’s head as he jumped around through various memories. I would have liked the episode more if there had been more forward momentum on the plotlines. Instead, we ended nearly at the same spot where we began.

First, the good. I love the character of Bobby and the gruff, yet loving, way Jim Beaver portrays him. He is like a father to Sam and Dean , better than John ever was in some ways. That the episode focused on Bobby’s relationship with Sam and Dean and how committed he was to helping them was heartwarming. It was sweet that Bobby’s fondest memory at the end was of the three of them together, with the brothers bickering the way brothers do. Between that, and the scene where Bobby woke up to give Sam and Dean information they needed, the love between these three characters was clear. As Bobby struggled to get them what they



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