X-Men Anime: “Betrayal” Review

5 Dec

What’s this? This show is actually starting to get a little interesting again! I’m still not going to let the series raise my hopes again (fool me twice, shame on me), but at least we’re getting some different storytelling structures and many intriguing plot developments.

The star of this episode is Dr. Yui Sasaki, who is so extremely obviously up to something shady that I’m gonna call her Shifty Eyes. Shifty Eyes Sasaki. Her guilty/suspicious behavior is quite heavy handed, but it stops short of being over the top so I guess it’s bearable. But the early scenes are full of an air of suspicion and doubt as Sasaki talks about her past. The big, obvious, gorilla in the room is that Hisako is having trouble remembering her days at the school Shifty Eyes ran. Something obvious isn’t right with this lady.

But there is some balance in the storytelling methods. Although we’re being clubbed over the head with the wrongness surrounding Sasaki, the subtlety that Emma uses to pierce Shifty

Source: GrimmOnline.org

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