Grimm Review: No Huffing and Puffing Here

10 Dec

Finally! The Grimm Gods have finally bestowed us with the Eddie centric “The Three Bad Wolves ”

It certainly wasn’t a disappointment either, shining a spotlight on Eddie’s character with very little need to deviate from the case of the week with unnecessary distractions. When the storytelling can layer this much in a procedural case, it gives me hope that the questions I’m asking will eventually get answered.

Think about how much was doled out in one episode: we’ve known Eddie was reformed, but we didn’t know why or the extent of self-control he uses everyday. Grimms were alluded to being more of a family, like the creatures Nick was fighting against. And, finally, it was only a matter of time until Nick’s job is at odds with his Grimm heritage.

For Eddie, it’s a constant struggle toting the line between reformation and regression. At what point is he potentially going to snap and let the beast within take over? Is it for love? Angelina certainly brought back


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