Grimm: “Let Your Hair Down” Review

19 Dec

A case about a missing girl, Holly, is re-opened when some of her hair is found at a crime scene in the woods. All clues and the subtle episode title point to Rapunzel, and she sort of is. Technically, she’s a Blutbad who hasn’t had a haircut in nine years. She’s been living in the forest, and she killed someone (by strangling him with her hair!) only to protect innocent hikers. Nick spots her while taking evidence from the crime scene and turns to Monroe for assistance.

I liked seeing Nick’s reaction to seeing Holly for the first time. He actually looked taken aback. He’s been nonchalant about some of the other creatures, but I guess he has to be when he sees them in public. Still, he’s so new to the Grimm business he should be thoroughly freaked out by every creature he comes across. Not enough time has passed for it to be second nature, and he seems like the type who would have a reasonable adjustment period.

Nick uses Monroe as a crutch to navigate through this new world.



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