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Super Bowl Show: ‘No Nipples’ But Definitely In ‘Vogue’

31 Jan

Much ado has been made about Madonna performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show this Sunday — and about the kind of theatrics we may expect from the Material Girl.

At the least, we know that there will be no tributes to Janet Jackson. “For sure no nipples,” Madonna told Jay Leno Monday night, to whom she also admitted that it was “the most nerve-racking thing I’ve ever done.”

But if photographs snapped over the weekend of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis are any indication, the show looks like it will definitely be in “Vogue” — the words are clearly lit up from the floor panels .

An early leak in December indicated that the 53-year-old star and “W.E.” director would be performing a best-of set list that would include five songs, among them “Ray of Life,” “Music,” and, of course, “Vogue.” It is also reported that LFMAO and Nicki Minaj will be joining Madonna at the show.



^ Madonna told Jay Leno (
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U.S. and UK Share Spotlight at Canada’s Strategic Partners Market

31 Jan

TORONTO – The Canadian co-production conference Strategic Partners is following the money as it chooses the U.S. as a focus country for its upcoming summer gathering for the third year running.

The U.S. will this year share the spotlight with Britain at the Halifax marketplace, organizers said Tuesday.

As multinational productions proliferate internationally, foreign producers are still turning to Hollywood to fill out budgets for indie projects.

“We have always had strong representation from these two regions at Strategic Partners, so engaging them as spotlight countries – and emphasizing the potential for co-venture/co-production between the U.K., the U.S.A., Canada, and the rest of the world – makes perfect sense,” Strategic Partners director Jan Miller said of choosing the U.S. and the UK as focus nations.

Strategic Partners is set to run from September 13 to 16 in Halifax, bridging the Toronto International Film Festival and the IFP Independent Filmmaker


Episode 6- The Three Bad Wolves

26 Jan


Episode 7- Let Your Hair Down

26 Jan


Makers defend Islam movie criticized by NYC mayor (AP)

26 Jan

Makers defend Islam movie criticized by NYC mayor
Jan. 25, 2012 7:46 PM ET (AP)


The makers of a documentary on radical Islam are defending their work after Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized the showing of it where police officers were gathered.

The conservative Clarion Fund said Wednesday its movie, “The Third Jihad,” accurately describes the Muslim terrorist threat. It said police Commissioner Raymond Kelly was fully aware of the film’s focus when he agreed to be interviewed for it in 2007.

Muslim groups have complained that the movie paints them as terrorists and encourages Americans to distrust even moderate Muslim organizations.

The film’s producer, Raphael Shore, said in a written statement, “Those that have blasted the film are attempting to stifle an important debate about the internal state of the Muslim community in America, and whether politicized Islam and indoctrination pose tangible security threats.”

On Tuesday, Bloomberg said New


The Wonderful Musician

1 Jan

There was once a wonderful musician, who went quite alone through a forest and thought of all manner of things, and when nothing was left for him to think about, he said to himself, “Time is beginning to pass heavily with me here in the forest, I will fetch hither a good companion for myself.” Then he took his fiddle from his back, and played so that it echoed through the trees. It was not long before a wolf came trotting through the thicket towards him. “Ah, here is a wolf coming! I have no desire for him!” said the musician; but the wolf came nearer and said to him, “Ah, dear musician, how beautifully thou dost play! I should like to learn that, too.” “It is soon learnt,” the musician replied, “thou hast only to do all that I bid thee.” “Oh, musician,” said the wolf, “I will obey thee as a scholar obeys his master.” The musician bade him follow, and when they had gone part of the way together, they came to an old oak-tree which was hollow inside, and cleft in the middle. “Look,”