Super Bowl XLVI Tops The List Of Most-Watched Programs In U.S. History

6 Feb

published: 2012-02-06 13:55:32

NBC picked a good year to host the Super Bowl. Based on the fast national data, this year’s game was the highest-rated broadcast in 26 years. It also tops the list of most-watched programs in U.S. history, edging out CBS’ broadcast of the big game last year.

If ever there was an opportunity this year to promote new series, The Voice and Smash got it last night. NBC wasn’t shy about reminding viewers to tune in to last night’s Voice Season 2 premiere following the game, and to watch tonight’s series premiere of Smash. The ratings may still be pending for Smash, but from what NBC shared about last night’s Super Bowl broadcast, a whopping 111.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the Giants beat the Patriots. Or rather, they tuned in to see the game and ended up seeing the Giants win the Super Bowl.

The Giants’ margin to win was about as close as NBC’s viewer margin by comparison to last year’s numbers. 111.0 million



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